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The challenge

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Agriculture in Africa today is primarily based on family farming (small-scale farming), which employs 60% of the working population and supplies approximately 80% of the continent's food needs.

Small-scale farmers in emerging markets face low yield productivity and profitability, resulting in malnutrition and a low standard of living.

According to the World Bank and the World Health Organization, one of the major causes is a lack of access to agricultural knowledge and expertise. This is a major source of frustration because it manifests itself in a variety of ways and on a daily basis: daily practicals, accurate fertilization, irrigation, and correctly detecting and treating diseases and pests. When a farmer fails to perform the required tasks, his yield suffers.

There are 500 million farmers in developing countries who are in desperate need of a solution to their day-to-day challenges.

This is why we founded AgriFriend, a social impact startup that uses a holistic and bottom-up approach to help small-scale farmers in emerging markets increase yield productivity and profitability.

From planting to harvest, our digital platform automatically tailors a personal and all-inclusive training process in a bit size step-by-step model. With all smart, best agricultural practices that are tailored to farmers' needs and conditions, such as weather, climate, soil, variety, but also to different social factors such as languages, local dialect, and terminology, and it changes in real-time.

Make agricultural knowledge and expertise available to all farmers, regardless of their background, location, gender, literacy, or digital literacy level.
AgriFriend's mission is to make agricultural knowledge and expertise available to farmers in emerging economies.
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Our approach

A holistic and bottom-up approach combined with Human-Centered-Design and cutting-edge technology.

We integrate our expertise with local knowledge to create a complete and comprehensive community, emphasizing the farmers' points of view.

In addition to agricultural training, our process incorporates other methods for increasing entrepreneurial skills and mindset as proven poverty alleviation, for both men and women, in order to close the gender gap.


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